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The Arcadi Interview: Brittany Pettibone



photo credit: author

Brittany Pettibone became famous because of her support for President Donald Trump. She also writes books and creates videos on YouTube.

You have many things to do, has your blogging become your job?

At the moment, political activism is my full-time job. I have a YouTube channel where I host interviews and make commentary videos. I also do a bit of independent journalism on the side, although I don’t regard myself as a journalist so much as an activist given that I generally support the stories that I choose to report on, such as the recently completed Defend Europe Mission.

Was there any crucial experience that made you become politically active?

I decided to become politically active one month before the U.S. Presidential elections, in October of 2016. There wasn’t one particular event that motivated me to start speaking out. A build up had been happening inside of me for months. I wanted to continue pursuing a writing career, but I realized that if Hillary Clinton was elected president, then a writing career would be pointless. She would’ve torn our country limb from limb. Looking back, I don’t regret the decision that I made. The war we’re currently fighting is most important as it will decide the fate of Western Civilization. Writing can wait.

What formed you the most in your life regarding politics?

My Catholic religion informs the majority of my political beliefs. At the moment, I identify with the label, ‘Constitutionalist’. My father is also largely responsible for my interest in politics. From a very young age, he discussed politics with me nearly every day, sometimes for hours at a time. This gave me a thorough political education that I never would’ve had otherwise. If it weren’t for my father, I likely wouldn’t be participating in politics in the same manner that I am today.

Many German patriots have a distrust against North America and rather orientate themselves towards eastern nations. This is probably due to the US occupation after the second world war. How can we grow closer again to our fellow Canadian and American patriots and what do you think are our tasks in this matter?

German patriots—and European patriots in general—can grow closer to their fellow American and Canadian patriots by reaching out to one another and working together. For example, Lauren Southern’s and my reporting on the Defend Europe Mission accomplished much in the way of bringing Generation Identity’s message and goals to the attention of the American and Canadian people. We must not disregard one another. Many of our problems are similar to the problems that European patriots are currently facing. Our leaders must get to know one another and possibly even collaborate on certain important projects. This will lead to a unity that will result in all of our movements being strengthened.

Why are so few Americans interested in European matters?

I believe that so few Americans are interested in European matters for two reasons. Firstly, many Americans subscribe to the ‘America First’ mentality. America is what’s important and everything else is a distraction. Secondly—and this is what I was told by several members of Generation Identity during my most recent visit to Europe—is that many Americans don’t understand the nuances of European politics. And because they do not understand, they have no interest. Perhaps if were able to cultivate an understanding of European politics in America, this indifferent mindset among Americans would change. Personally, I hope it does. I believe Europe and America stand a much better chance of accomplishing their goals if they work together and support one another.

What is the biggest problem or the biggest threat in our time?

I believe the largest problem of our time is the fact that so much of the world is anti-God. Western Civilization was built upon the back of Christianity, and with the rejection of God, we now see it crumbling. Another large problem is the destruction of the family. Strong family units are becoming increasingly rare. Marriages generally result in divorce, not to mention, fewer and fewer couples are having children. Strong, moral and unified families will produce a strong, moral and unified society. Unless we find some way to rectify this problem, I doubt we will stand much of a chance in our fight to save Western Civilization.

How can our cause become more attractive to young women?

I think it’s impossible to make our cause become more attractive to girls all across the board, but I do believe it’s possible to make it more attractive to a certain type of girl. The type of girl that can be attracted is one who recognizes that we’re currently in the midst of a war and who desires to take an active role. Some girls might be hesitant, despite being interested, because they lack the confidence or don’t know where to start. This is why I’ve recently made it a personal mission of mine to interview any girls I come across who are interested in contributing to our cause, which will hopefully at least give them a small platform boost. The hardest part is taking the first step; plus, it’s important to remember that plenty of people will be willing to help you along the way. You will never fight alone. Something else that might attract girls is the fact that our movements— particularly the Generation Identity movement—are mostly comprised of young people. A movement filled with passionate, humorous and ambitious young people is a very appealing thing. Something else that might attract not only girls but boys as well are the leaders who represent our movements. If our leaders are genuine, intelligent, charismatic and motivated—if they have an appealing overall image—many people will be attracted to our cause.

You were pro Trump during the pre-election. Has it changed?

My support of President Donald Trump has definitely not changed. While he has failed to accomplish as much as I and many others had hoped that he would accomplish up to this point, it’s important to take into consideration that the White House is filled with politicians attempting to undermine him at every turn. He is trying his best. I will wait until he has completed his four-year term as president before I pass judgement on his performance as a whole.

Do you think Donald Trump should run again for president?

At the moment, yes, I believe that President Donald Trump should run again for president. This will change only if a better candidate comes forward during the 2020 election, or, if he fails to execute the most important policies that he promised to implement during his run.

You are a blogger who is also writing books. What do you like the most?

Writing is my greatest passion. I will always love it more than any other career. Unfortunately, my current role in politics keeps me too busy to accomplish much writing. Still, I hope to publish at least one more book within the next year.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, I see myself married with a family. This is my ultimate goal. I will always maintain an active role in politics, although I won’t be as involved when I start having children. My family will be my priority. That said, one of my primary motivations for fighting as hard as I do is that I want to make the world a safer place for my eventual children. I fight with the hope that if I, and others like me, can do enough, then our children will never have to.

Thank you for the interview!

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